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Reach Early Learning Center is Here for Your Future

The Reach Early Learning Center is proudly serving children ages 3 to 5 in the Antioch Community. Our Pre-K program is designed to follow the child’s unique learning through developmentally appropriate practices. Teachers are a guide to open doors for new learning and wonder. Daily routines are centered around small group and large group learning as well as individualized instruction.

During the large group, students will engage in high quality literature focusing on literacy development and an interactive math lesson structured around the Engage New York curriculum. Small groups tailored to each child’s individual needs will be a part of the literacy and math block. During small groups the children will explore through play-based centers. Our goal is for the students to be Kindergarten ready when they exit our doors.

Families are a piece to the child development puzzle and we look forward to having meaningful partnerships. Information about your child’s day, learning, and development will be communicated to families daily. Parent conferences can be scheduled if any concerns or celebrations need to be communicated. We also welcome parents to the classroom to participate in the preschool day.

Our Mission

Reach Early Learning Center builds a firm foundation for every child, to set the path to become a lifelong learner in all areas of development.

Our Vision

To understand every child’s unique learning style so that they may REACH their highest potential.

Our Team


  • We believe all children have unique strengths and
  • We believe all children can succeed
  • We believe in setting a positive climate and
  • We believe in teaching to each individual child's
  • We believe relationships are key to the success of
    the child
  • We believe high expectations must be set for
    every child
  • We believe in inspiring children to learn, wonder,
    question, and create with the world around them
  • We believe in teaching the whole child

We accept TDHS CHILD CARE Payment ASSISTANCE families.

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